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Little Hands Big Questions 
Personalized Medical Teaching Technologies 

Tiffany Wood-Hom, Certified Child Life Specialist, Pediatric Death Doula and
Founder of LHBQ


About Me

My name is Tiffany Wood-Hom and I am the founder of Little Hands Big Questions. As a Certified Child Life Specialist and Pediatric Death Doula,  I work with patients and their families experiencing a healthcare journey. One of my primary roles is providing developmentally appropriate education to my patients, their siblings, caregivers, and community.


Through my work with my patients and their families I saw the lack of personalized teaching items that the patient and family could learn from and utilize throughout their healthcare journey. This inspired me to create Little Hands Big Questions, a personalized medical teaching technology company. Through cutting edge 3d printing technology we provide pediatric patients and families with invaluable opportunities for developmentally appropriate teaching and support understanding, normalcy, positive coping, and involvement in their own medical journeys.


Join us as we make sure each pediatric patient has the opportunity to heal with the customized teaching tools they deserve. 



Custom 3d Printed Teaching Items

We work with pediatric patients' medical teams to design and print 3d teaching tools that are customized to a patient's diagnosis, treatment plan, and prognosis to guide developmentally appropriate teaching and support. 

Educational Materials for Patients & Families

We have a library of age-appropriate teaching materials for patients and their families to learn about an illness and expectations. We also offer information for how to support a patient's siblings and extended family through an extended hospitalization and illness.

Support for Clinicians

We partner with the patient's medical team to ensure they have the teaching tools needed to fully support the patient and their family. 


Our Projects 

Patients diagnostic images are used to create patient specific 3d printed models, such as this brain with removable tumor. 

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